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After years of research, we are proud to introduce Air Water Heater technology first time in India. Key to system’s performance is latent heat present in ambient air.

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We are trying to save initial cost & running cost of most of the requirement of heat generation in water.

Cost of Electricity Bill is PAIN for public. Electricity demand is PAIN for the Governments/Energy Sector. Cost cutting is PAIN for Industries/Process sector

Power cuts are PAIN for Public

Effects on Environment/ Forest/ Green House are PAIN for entire world.

We cannot eliminate the PAIN but can reduce 70% to 80% at least than Present level wherever hot water or heat up to 60°C is concerned.

Air Water Heater does not require direct or indirect sunlight. Air water heater works, 24 hours a day and cool air is available as a by-product, thus further reducing energy cost of air coolers. The efficiency of Air Water Heater increases with the increase in humidity and hence is more suitable than solar water heaters in coastal region. As the space required is too less, Air Water Heaters are the best option in Metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, etc.

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